Precision Spring & Wire Solutions
Quality Control Inspector
Location: Limerick
About this role

We are currently seeking a Quality Control Inspector to be on-site in our Limerick location.

The quality control inspector is responsible for monitoring the quality of a wide range of incoming raw material, as well as in-process samples and final products.

Duties would include examining a wide range of mandrels, wires, and coils, compiling results, and maintaining performance for regulatory requirements.

This is a full-time, permanent, in-house position.

Key responsibilities
  • Conduct quality control inspections of incoming raw materials, first off inspections, in-process inspections, and final batch release inspections of parts produced and packaged in SCS – including labelling and signing off the Certificate of Conformance.
  • Support incoming inspection:
    • Perform inspection on mandrels or wire (medical device raw materials) received into SCS, and ensure the required paperwork accompanying deliveries is retained correctly.
    • Ensure all relevant incoming materials are labelled appropriately prior to transferring to stock release.
    • Take ownership of asset care and ensure that the asset (instruments/equipment) used for inspection are within calibration, in good working order, and readily available for use including external/third-party certifications.
    • Demonstrate basic housekeeping skills, controlling stock levels of medical device raw materials within the laboratory.
  • Support ongoing production:
    • Compile part analysis results and document results for Work Order documentation.
    • Ensure Work Order report is completed in accordance with assigned inspection requirements as identified on applicable Work Order specifications / parts drawings.
    • During final batch release, perform the required number of quality acceptance inspections by referring to the established inspection specifications and in-house requirements.
    • Ensure that all inspected products prior to customer release are “Quality Accepted”.
    • Close out Work Orders on ERP system “Priority 44”:
      • Completion of Customer shipment detail / COC detail as required.
      • Support product allocation and part catalogue.
      • Creation of labels for dispatch of parts to customer.
    • Support non-conforming product allocation in laboratory and coordinate with the Quality Manager on all matters of non-conformance.
    • Follow up on all non-conforming products that are under QC control.
  • Assist the QA Manager with other duties in the Quality Control Department as required.
  • Maintenance of quality control equipment. Ensure proper housekeeping and maintenance of working area, tools, etc.
Experience, Skill & Ability
  • Required:
    • Previous experience or proven ability in inspecting finished parts.
    • Previous experience or proven ability using measuring equipment (ie. vernier callipers, micrometer, imaging system, gigs and gauges.
  • Desirable:
    • Previous experience working in the medical device industry and working with engineering part drawings.
    • Previous experience working in a medical device laboratory environment and using ERP systems.

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to Theresa O’Reilly (, including the job title in your subject line.


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