Precision Spring & Wire Solutions

Delivering a wide array of solutions to the industrial sector. Solving challenges. Supporting innovation.

With our ISO13485 certified site in Ireland and our specialist industrial team, have the know-how and capability to support your development and production. We have the capability to design and make products based on wire diameters down to 0.3mm.
Industrial Applications
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
Slurry equipment
Grass cutting equipment
Consumer electric Products
Smoke alarms
Fluid dispensers
Mining & Quarrying Equipment
Crusher equipment
Bogie springs
Screen springs
Fishing & Aquaculture Equipment
Oyster farming equipment
Salmon farming equipment
Industrial Tooling
Die sets
Spring steel pressings
Bellville & disc springs
Garter springs
Building Equipment
Earth moving equipment
Construction Products
Wall ties
Fluid & Motion Controls
Ball value springs
Check valve springs
Actuator springs
Heating Controls
Dairy Equipment
Feeder systems
Milking systems
Animal management
Power Generation
Wind turbine
Power generators

The SCS team dive deep into our applications, guide us, and deliver exactly what we need.

Brendan Dolan, CEO, AAA Medical
Our Clients
Product range
  • Compression springs
    Wire diameter:
    0.3 - 16 mm / 0.012 - 0.625 in
  • Torsion springs
    Wire diameter
    0.3 - 16 mm / 0.012 - 0.625 in
  • Extension springs
    Wire diameter:
    0.3 - 16 mm / 0.012 - 0.625 in
  • Wire forms
    Wire diameter:
    0.3 - 16 mm / 0.012 - 0.625 in
  • Wall ties

    • Various size and width available in 3.55mm and 4.55mm material. 
    • Tested in accordance with BS EN 846-5: 2012. 
    • Manufactured in our facilities in Limerick.  
    • Supplied in packs of 30.  
    • Made using stainless steel.  
    • Fit a variety of sizes to suit cavities from 50mm. 

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