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Understanding Medical Coils – What You Need to Know


As medical technologies continue to advance – making way for smaller, stronger, more malleable instruments capable of carrying out a variety of tasks – it can come as no surprise that the parts required for these instruments must also undergo similar advancements.

After all, if a medical device needs a coil to fit 0.001”, that coil must exist, or the device cannot achieve the intended result.

Medical Coils – What Are They?

Medical coils are a type of spring design that can be used in medical device manufacture. These implements come in a range of sizes capable of supporting a wide variety of medical processes.

One such variation is the micro coil – these medical coils help to solve for one very important challenge facing medical professionals: how to complete invasive medical procedures while causing as little discomfort as possible for the patient. To achieve the desired result, the medical device (such as a catheter) must affect as small an area as possible – meaning the device components must be even smaller, but be strong enough to withstand the process for which they are intended.

Where Else Can Medical Coils Be Used?

Medical coils can also be found in two additional external systems:

  1. Therapeutic systems – such as cancer-treating radiation systems.
  2. Imaging systems – such as MRI machines.

These coils would be considerably larger, as they would be required to withstand additional pressure, connect various machinery aspects, and contribute to device stability. Micro coils, on the other hand, are required to be delicate but strong enough to ensure performance over time.

Discover how medical coils are revolutionising the field by improving precision, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Materials Used in Medical Coils:

As with any medical device, instrument, or component in the medical industry, spring and coil design is subject to the highest standards of medical quality. The team at SCS ensure all manufactured coils are in keeping with ISO 13485 standards, which includes ensuring an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom with Hepa-filtered air is available on site for assembly, handling and packaging of medical parts, and using high quality round or flat wire for various coil designs. Clients can select from a number of wire materials to best suit their requirements, including:

  1. Vacuum Arc Remelted (VAR) stainless steel: Available in standard grades 302, 304, 316/316L, 904L, 17/7PH, as well as specialised grades 302/304V and 316LVM
  2. Nickel-based Superalloys / Inconels: Available in grades 600, 625
  3. Cobalt-Chromium Superalloys: Available in grades MP35N and PHYNOX
  4. Nickel-Titanium NITINOL, super-elastic and memory-shape alloy
  5. Precious metals and alloys: Such as Platinum-Iridium, pure Tungsten, and others.
Finishes for Medical Coils:

As there are a number of design uses and requirements for coils across the medical industry, it follows that there would be many factors to consider when deciding on your coil’s finish – especially as this will ultimately affect the performance of the coil over time. Medically adapted coils would normally be offered three main coatings for finishes, depending on the material selected and their intended use:

  1. PTFE coating: An incredibly versatile coating, PTFE has a high melting point, slippery surface, resistance to almost all chemicals, and strong resistance against light, UV and general wear and tear – making it an ideal choice for use in catheters, guidewires and implants.
  2. Parylene coating: A thin film coating which allows for a high mechanical strength, and providing complete and even coverage where applied – making it ideal for drug eluting stents, catheters, implants, and electrosurgical instruments.
  3. Gold coating: This is specific to precious metal- and Tungsten- made medical coils.
Your Dedicated Medical Coils Expert:

As coils are such a critical component of the medical device they operate in, careful consideration and expertise should go into their design to ensure the desired outcome. At SCS, our team are experts in the design and manufacture of medical coils, guided by deep discussion and collaboration with our clients, enabling our team to create dedicated, unique coils capable of completing the desired task.

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