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"Let's Talk Aircraft Landing Gears and Spring Design"

27 July 2023

With spring design and part design figuring heavily into the overall design and performance of an aircraft, it comes as no surprise that the team at SCS are heavily invested in learning as much as we can about aircraft models, their design, and how our springs might best serve the intended final product.

To that end, we were delighted to be welcomed by Dublin Aerospace Landing Gear Services recently. Part of the Dublin Aerospace Group, the team at Dublin Aerospace Landing Gear Services focus on the repair and overhaul of aircraft landing gears, particularly for Airbus and Boeing planes. Given the importance of landing gears in the success if aircraft flights, this is a process which requires great care and attention to detail, as well as top-quality parts for repair as needed.

The visit gave our team a much-needed opportunity to see these aircraft landing gears up close, and evaluate potential spring fits and designs to maximise the performance of the aircraft part. As a dynamic and innovative company, our SCS team take great pride in being highly responsive to design needs, providing custom-built solutions to improve mission critical performance – and we relish the opportunity to build this innovation into our spring designs while remaining within the constraints of industry standards.

The SCS team recently visited Dublin Aerospace Landing Gear Services to learn more about aircraft landing gear design

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Michael Fitzsimons and the extended team at Dublin Aerospace Landing Gear Services for giving us such a warm welcome, while providing insight into the lean processes and in-house capabilities that the team employ to ensure the highest standards are met with every piece they work on.

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