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Pioneering Innovation Worldwide: SCS Attend MD&M West

20 February 2024

The SCS team recently visited California to attend MD&M West in Anaheim.

MD&M West is at the forefront of medical device innovation offering a place where industry professionals can connect with suppliers, partners, customers and leaders in various medical device disciplines. MedTech pioneers at the event exhibit the components, tools, and cutting-edge technology that shape life-saving medical devices. It’s a source of information on the latest technological advancements and products where attendees can garner new knowledge and information and participate in the evolution of the industry.


Spring manufacturing and design play a pivotal role in the medical device industry underpinning the functionality and reliability of countless life-saving instruments. From surgical instruments to implantable devices, springs are integral to mechanisms. The importance of meticulous design and manufacturing of springs cannot be overstated, as even the smallest deviation can compromise the efficacy of medical devices, risking patient outcomes.

Engineers and manufacturers in the medical device industry must prioritise quality, durability, and biocompatibility in spring production to ensure adherence to stringent regulatory standards and the highest levels of patient care.

SCS at MD&M West

SCS Technical Sales Engineer Dyane Gallivan attended MD&M West to promote the unique capabilities of SCS in spring manufacturing on a global stage. Based in Limerick Ireland with a team of 50+ technical experts, SCS supply vital spring components to some of the biggest names in the world such as Johnson & Johnson, Teleflex and Nordson. With an established base in Ireland where many of the world’s leading medical device companies are headquartered, SCS are committed to servicing the medical industry internationally. 

We were delighted to get to meet many familiar faces including our key suppliers Component Supply and Royal Master Grinders. All our suppliers enable SCS to grow in the medical industry and now globally. 


If you missed us at MD&M West and would like to learn more about our custom spring manufacturing capabilities, contact us to learn more.


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