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SCS contribute a significant investment to support business expansion

23 June 2022

SCS are delighted to announce the investment of €200,000 into the purchasing of a new Transworld 16-axis machine, due to arrive in May this year. This was a strategic purchase to consolidate SCSs positioning as a category 1 supplier to customers in the industrial division.  

The Transworld 16-axis machine is suitable for producing various wire forms as well as intricate type torsion coils. The new machine will enable SCS to significantly increase manufacturing capabilities and support customers, particularly in the electronic and plastics industries and the manufacturing of med-tech equipment.  

The purchase of the Transworld 16-axis machine is the first notable purchase in 10 years. Plans are already in place to put in an order for a second machine later this year.  

Watch a video demonstration of the Transworld 16-Axis Machine.



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