Precision Spring & Wire Solutions

Collaborating on an advanced, microscopic coil to aid in the treatment of strokes.

ARTIRIA deliver advancements to the field of catheters and guidewires through cutting edge technologies to allow micromotion deep into the brain, for seamless navigation for stroke treatment.

ARTIRIA designed a product to help treat strokes and needed a company to work with on prototyping and developing the product. As they were still very much in the development phase, ARTITIA needed a company who they could interact with daily throughout the process, something that isn’t usually available. The parts needed were very specific and the coil was so small, some said it couldn’t be done. 


Following a recommendation from another company, ARTIRIA approached SCS with the drawings of the product they were looking to produce. Together they spent two years collaborating on designs, prototyping and testing. The coil needed to be manually made under a microscope because it was so small the machines kept spitting the wires out. ARTIRIA had regular contact with the engineer who was manually making the product and together they could tweak things as needed. More than 20 different orientations were created and prototyped before the right one was found.  


The product is now gone for clinical trials and will be another two years before the results of the trial are returned. It is expected the product will be approved and will go into production soon after.   


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