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Collaborating to safety proof overhead compartments on airplanes

Eirtech Aviation Services (EAS) is a world-leading specialist, providing tailor made engineering services, advanced composite repair services, and asset management solutions that ensure regulatory compliance to international airlines, private operators and aviation leasing companies across the globe.

A world leading specialist in aviation services, EAS were approached by an airline and asked to produce and supply a safety feature to prevent the oxygen mask panel from falling out of the unit when in use. EAS worked on developing a solution to the problem and developed drawings for the product needed. However, having no capabilities for manufacturing in Shannon, EAS needed to outsource the production of the product they had developed.  


EAS approached SCS with their drawings, creating a component made up of titanium wire and plastic parts. They asked if SCS were familiar with titanium wire processing and if SCS could produce the part in full and get it tested and approved. At the time SCS were not approved for testing in the aerospace industry but decided to reach out to another company who could do the testing. SCS developed the titanium spring and assembled the product which was own branded with the EAS name on the packaging. This was a huge show of trust from EAS.   


SCS produced and assembled 200 products for EAS, which they were then able to supply to the airline. EAS have since come back with an order for 1,000 more.  


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