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Enhanced smoke alarm functionality through single wire component

Ei Electronics is one of Ireland's largest indigenous electronics companies. Headquartered in Shannon, Co. Clare with subsidiaries in France, Germany, the UK and the USA, they have achieved a world leadership position in the area of Residential Fire and Gas Detection products. All products are manufactured at the Shannon base and are exported to 30 countries worldwide.

Ei Electronics wanted to enhance the functionality of their house hold smoke alarms, resulting in faster response times for smoke detection and quicker production capabilities. Ei Electronics were in a position where they could not complete this task alone so looked for a partner to work with. They approached SCS to redesign a wire component in their devices that supported the trigger mechanism in order to achieve their objectives.  


While reviewing the design of the wire component, SCS took the opportunity to review the design of the entire device making improvements to all aspects based on the design of a single wire component. SCS worked with the team and Senior Design Engineers at Ei Electronics, reviewing designs, making multiple prototypes and undergoing testing of each version.  


The entire design, prototype, production and distribution of the new wire was completed within 10 days. Ei Electronics achieved the objectives they had set out with existing manufacturing responsibilities undisturbed. Production of the new wire has continued to increase following the redesign with devices shipped worldwide on a daily basis. 


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