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Increasing machine capabilities to allow expansion worldwide

SAMCO is an award winning, highly innovative, agricultural machinery company. The company was initially established to design and manufacture the SAMCO 3-in-1 machine which sows seed, sprays the soil with pre-emergence herbicide, and lays a thin layer of degradable mulch film over the seed bed, helping farmers achieve higher yields.

SAMCO came to SCS with specific issues around their equipment. The machine functioned well for its purpose but was limited in its capabilities. SAMCO knew the machine was capable of much more and knew it could be adapted for other crops in other markets if a way was found. But they needed outside help to tweak the machine and increase its number of configurations.   


SCS visited SAMCO to see the machine in action. SCS listened to the team while they explained what the need was. After discussing how they’d approach the problem, SCS moved into prototyping different solutions to meet these needs. Multiple springs were prototyped until one was found to work well. This was used to set the parameters and was then fine-tuned for production. The machine went for testing with the spring, and its increased capabilities. When approved, the spring went into full production.  


SAMCO grew from supplying machines to a local Irish market to now having a machine that could be adapted and exported to serve 40 different countries worldwide including Canada, New Zealand, Australia and USA. SAMCO were also awarded exporter of the year.  


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