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Rapidly quadrupling supply to meet an emergency need

OPHARDT Hygiene is a global leader in the field of hand hygiene and hand hygiene compliance solutions. With its head office in Germany, OPHARDT Hygiene operate manufacturing plants across the world including Sligo, Ireland.
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Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic there was an influx of demand for hand hygiene compliance solutions worldwide. Since the Sligo operation was the leader in the production of manual dispensers, and had the capacity to ramp up production, they were tasked with dramatically increasing production to meet demand. Immediately they were going to need a massive increase in supply from SCS.        


At SCS we quickly sourced some additional manufacturing equipment. We expanded our production team to meet the immediate production needs while still ensuring staff safety during a pandemic. We created a 16-hour shift pattern and moved to a 7-day operation.  


With production of springs for OPHARD Hygiene quadrupling overnight, it allowed them to meet their production targets. SCS continued to support and match the high demand for the rest of 2020 and on into 2021 until the volume requirements came back to more normal levels. 


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